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P5-EP5 - PMV P5 (Pneumatic) and EP5 (Electropneumatic)
FNW P5-EP5, PMV P5 (Pneumatic) and EP5 (Electropneumatic)

Catalog Spec Sheet Spec Sheet for P5-EP5
Drawings for Figure P5 — PMV P5 Pneumatic Positioner (3-15 PSI signal)
PDF drawing DWG drawing -- AutoCAD required to open  *AutoCAD required to open DWG (free download)
Drawings for Figure EP5 — PMV EP5 Electro-Pneuamtic Positioner (4-20mA signal)
PDF drawing DWG drawing -- AutoCAD required to open  *AutoCAD required to open DWG (free download)

Always verify that you have the most recent product specifications
or other documentation prior to the installation of these products.
The foundation of the PMV positioner system is the P5 pneumatic positioner. Performance of this unit is enhanced with a special high gain, high capacity spool valve assembly providing quick and accurate actuator/valve response. For single and doubleacting applications, the modular design allows for simple addition of an I/P (4-20mA input) converter (such as the EP5) and/or a feedback unit with a variety of feedback options.

FNW supplies pneumatic and electropneumatic positioners for both quarter-turn and linear actuators. Contact FNW for optional positioner configurations such as low temp (-40°F/-40°C), reverse acting, feedback units, and characterized cams including split range, equal percent, and square root degree combinations.

 Standard Features:

  • Sturdy, simple, reliable force balance design
  • High gain pilot valve
  • Bright visible position indicator
  • Stainless steel cam
  • Tapped exhaust port
  • Modular design for I/P and feedback unit
  • Simple calibration with external zero adjustment
  • Built in gauge ports
  • Sealed cover
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